About Us:

ABBSOURCE, LLC (ABBSOURCE) is a woman-owned, small business incorporated and headquartered in Virginia. ABBSOURCE is divided into the following three core business units – Industrial Security Consulting Services, Information Technology Consulting (ITC) and Accounting/Finance/Legal Staffing Solutions. ABBSOURCE brings experience, knowledge, dedication, and a commitment to service to your company’s projects.

Industrial Security Consulting Services (ISCS):

ISCS Specializes at helping organizations meet their facility security requirements. It can be challenging even for companies with a full time security staff to meet all the requirements of the NISPOM and other federal regulations. For more information please contact

Information Technology Consulting (ITC)

ITC specializes at helping organizations meet their information technology requirements. Contact for additional info.


Dulles International Airport

P.O. Box 16555
Washington D.C. 20041

Phone: (703) 766-1300

Fax: (703) 766-1301